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Aren't you tired of the same old story?

There is a hunger burning in business right now because many realize what they are doing simply isn't working.  Let me help you...

I can help your brand:

  • Show your employees how easy it is to become a chameleon; to not treat all customers the same.
  • Examine your selling process to get the customer from browser to buyer.
  • Grow sales by showing your dealer network that investing in their most important asset - their employees - rather than giving those assets away through discounting - is the only path to success.

I can do this in a:

  • Keynote speech,
  • Full or half-day workshop
  • Multi-day intensive boot camp

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Good selling! Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor®

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Bob Phibbs 2011

"What fun we had working with you at our convention! I have been working with keynote speakers for more than I care to admit and you truly had an understanding of their business, the day-to-day competition they face and the steps they need to take to compete. Many of our dealers have commented on the appropriateness of your speech and the fact that they would have loved to have heard more."
– Nancy Jewell, Husqvarna Viking